Netherlands Associate Professor of Marketing and Digital Business University of Amsterdam Visiting
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Umut Konus is a Professor and Researcher of Marketing. He lives and works in the Netherlands where he holds tenure as Associate Professor at Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. He currently delivers courses on Marketing and Digital Business. As an author he has been very prolific and with a long series of publications, including in journals such as the Harvard Business Review. His later research focuses on Multichannel marketing and consumer behaviour, with particular attention to the tracking and monitoring of behaviour in real-time. Beyond academia, he has also worked as an Executive for the MORI Group and as Project Manager for GfK. As of 2017 he collaborates with BBS and delivers the course in Marketing and Marketing Research.


This course provides an introduction to the following topics: marketing management, basics in consumer behavior, segmentation analysis, targeting and positioning. Price strategies, Brand management, New product development, Distribution channels and Retailing, Marketing communication strategies. The course contents will also include elements of marketing research, basics in statistics and data analysis, hypothesis testing, univariate and multivariate data analysis, correlation and regression analysis, clustering and positioning techniques.