Italy Full Professor of Corporate Finance University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Emanuele Bajo is Full Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Bologna. He is Co-founder of the website borse.it, one of the leading sites for online financial information in Italy. His research mainly concerns the subjects of efficiency in the stock market and evaluating derivative instruments, on which he has numerous scientific publications.


CORE COURSE - Corporate finance is one of the areas closest to the strategic management of a company. It comes into play in investment and financing decisionmaking and in extraordinary operations. The course provides the basic theoretical and methodological tools necessary to evaluate investment decisions, determine company capital costs, optimize the choice of financial structures, evaluate companies, operation of companies, how the principle tools to aquire risk capital work, the detection of the main areas for corporate governance and its implications vis-à-vis the company’s objectives, the main financial risks and the derivatives used to cover them.

The course provides a framework for understanding and analyzing investment and financial decisions of corporations. Lectures and readings provide an introduction to present value techniques, capital budgeting, capital structure decisions, corporate cost of capital, initial and seasoned equity offerings and an introduction to corporate risk management. Most of the topics presented during the course will also be analyzed and studied using a case study approach.

The course highlights the management of financial risk with emphasis on recognition of financial price risk and tools of risk management from business firm’s perspective. A relevant part of the course is devoted to the analysis of derivatives and their uses in risk management.