MBA Part-time (Evening)

This is a master designed to quickly equip you with the tools and skills immediately applicable to every area of business. It’s engaging teaching, starting with real experiences and cases, which allows you to build a solid professionalism. The evening format ensures full compatibility with work commitments and does not include classroom activities over the weekend. Professional growth in companies today is often subject to managers having the possibility to gain an overview of the company and its ability to integrate the various management tools. Solid management skills ensure the best conditions for making a career. The Evening MBA lasts 12 months and is divided into 10 core courses in sequence, each lasts 4 weeks at least and includes 9 keynote speeches for a total of 74 evening lectures (Tuesday and Thursday from 18.30 to 22). In addition to the lectures, weekly in-depth online sessions are provided, as well as two kick-off seminars to start off with and a business game to conclude the session. The teachers of the courses are managers and management consultants: this allows you to handle every aspect with a concrete insight, focusing on the practical aspects. The monographic seminars, on the other hand, are taught by university professors and are the perfect complement to the definition of perspectives and insights helping you manage all aspects of business.   Put your university education into practice and play an active role in the business arena with the expertise you will gain through this Master. THE MASTER IS AN INVESTMENT. THE HONOR LOAN IS THE WAY TO FUND IT. PerTe Prestito Con Lode”, a long-term and low-interest honor loan, with no collateral required to cover the full amount of the tuition fee.

Nicola Tomesani

Nicola Tomesani

Director of Studies

" The market requires today's managers to have management skills and at the same time ideas for the development of the business. This master provides the tools to help you grow and deal effectively with this context. "






Nicholas Montemaggi

iAmbassador - Director of Marketing
MBA Part-time Serale (Ed. II)

"Part-Time MBA (Evening) provides an overview on the managerial world and allows acquiring quickly knowledge and tools to be applied straight away in one's own working environment."

Giovanni Epifani

Avanzi Holding - Product Manager
MBA Part-time Serale (Ed. II)

"Part-time MBA (Evening) is a unique opportunity for delving into crucial contents for one's job, by sharing them within a stimulationg network of professionals."

Federica Ragusa

Teamsystem - Sales Account
MBA Part-time Serale (Ed. II)

"The evening part-time MBA of Bologna Business School is the ideal solution for those who work but still want to grow professionally."

Marco Canevese

Motori Minarelli - Project Leader
MBA part-time Serale (Ed. III)

"The Master's allowed me to expand my knowledge on all corporate functions and proved to be essential to develop from a develop from a professional point of view, especially for those who have a purely technical background."

Daniele Gradellini

Snap-On Equipment - Operation Manager
MBA part-time Serale (Ed. III)

"The Master's greatly stimulates reflection and explorations on the working activity. The evening attendance is perfect to combine both professional and family life."

Valeria Ricci

Medtronic Italia - Technical&Clinical Consultant Coordinator
MBA part-time Serale (Ed. I)

"Part-time MBA (Evening): the perfect solution to reconcile work, professional growth and family commitments."

Riccardo Zanoni

Deutsche Bank - Personal Banker
MBA part-time Serale (Ed. I)

"The evening part-time MBA is a unique experience: a journey rich both personally and professionally, that allows you to balance your work and educational growth."

Michela Andreoli

NoGap Progetti - Project Manager
MBA part-time Serale (Ed. I)

"The evening part-time MBA, allows you to quickly acquire skills in management, it is also the ideal solution for professionals who want to start their own business."


The Evening MBA is a master made ​​of people, in which you create formal and informal opportunities for discussion to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants. Networking develops between students of the same class, between participants and lecturers, as well as with students from other courses or previous editions of the same Master.


Many companies have chosen the Evening MBA as the best route to enhance their talents, because it completes their managerial vision and greatly improves their performance in the company. In recent editions among other partners, we also worked with:

Aeroporto G. Marconi Comer Industries Finsoft Grandi Salumifici Italiani Hera Trading Siro Foods Teamsystem VarGroup Yoox RCM Materie Plastiche Cotti CEL Components Snap-On Pastore e Lombardi Eurofins Pivetti Opem Sanitek


Once the Master’s course has been completed, it is possible to join the activities dedicated to the Community in order to further increase one’s own network. Furthermore, meetings (speed dates) are periodically organized with headhunters, managers and entrepreneurs who are interested in meeting the Alumni of the School in order to exchange ideas and obtain helpful information for one’s own path of professional development/career.

International Week


The Evening MBA lasts 12 months and is divided into 10 core courses and 9 keynote speeches adding up to a total of 74 lectures. Each course is divided into four weekly modules at least, each of which includes approximately 6 evening meetings in the classroom (twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.5 hours each, from 6.30pm to 10pm), and a study on the online platform monitored by teacher of the course. The last week of study will include the final exam of the course, a case-study to assess the level of learning and the ability to apply the tools learned in practice. to these meetings are added two to Kick offs to launch the master (evening sessions of 3.5 hours each), and one at the end of the master (Saturday, for the whole day) during which the Business Game takes place as a conclusion.   PRE-COURSE IN ECONOMICS An optional online module that combines theory with practice taking inspiration from daily events. The course will deal with leading economics topics, continuously providing food for thought on the economic changes in the world.   LEADERS’ CORNER Opportunities to exchange views with top managers and leading figures of the business and culture world who have achieved excellence in their field of activity. Several seminar-based meetings are scheduled, which will focus on the growing path of the leaders who will participate and on ways to manage challenges.


Techniques of cost management and cost modeling: from cutting costs to cost management. Strategic analysis of the costs: activities, costs and cost drivers. Strategic and operational activity-based Cost Management. The value of assets and profit potential: Cost and Value Alignment. Cost management in the Value System and the network. Target Costing and Process Cost Mapping. Analysis of the costs of unused capacity.

Main tools to assess business investment decisions; determination of company capital cost; optimization of the financial structure decisions; assessment of businesses; functioning of the main means to raise risk capital; identification of the main corporate governance relationships and related consequences on the actual corporate goals; main sources of financial risks and use of derivative instruments to cover them.

The strategies of digital governance. Performance management analytics. Software selection. CRM systems: selection and management. IT outsourcing: strategies and implementation. Big data and business opportunities. Mobile: strategies and implementation.

The strategies in a multi-local context. The definition of thepotentialandthescreeningof foreign markets.Theinput actions. The actionsof consolidation.The management and staffin overseas markets. Cross-cultural management. The managementof negotiations in a foreign context.

An effective marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the perception of value for the customer. The course explores the processes related to the articulation of marketing plans in different contexts and environmental sectors. Market orientation; segmentation and positioning; product development; pricing and management of distribution policies. Integrated communication.

Value creation and definition of the structural characteristics of the operational system. Vertical integration and decentralization of production. The management of material flows, stocks and warehouses. The planning processes of production activities. The partnership with suppliers and supply networks. The internationalization of manufacturing activities. The location of the operational system in business strategy.

he goal is to develop participants' awareness of their own leadership style and boost some of their key skills to manage processes of change in risk situations with authority. The program is based on experiential learning: Participants alternate meetings which are aimed at doing tasks at different moments to observe their behavior, participants will benefit from the assistance of professionals and managers who have significant experience in leading groups and organizations to excellent results

The head-hunting market. The management of reputation. The paths of horizontal change. The paths of vertical change. Empowerment and self-empowerment. The management of professional negotiations.

The construction of a sales network. The selection and motivation of the sellers. Evaluating of sales projections. The management of the customer portfolio. The construction of the incentive system. The economic and financial assessments for the sales manager. Key accounting management.

The tools for strategic analysis. Strategy and creation of value. Analysis of the industry, competitive advantage and competitors. The resources and skills essential ingredients of the strategy. The strategy of cost leadership and differentiation. The value chain and cost analysis. The system of assets and the value system. Entrepreneurship and innovation management.

Learning method

The study methodology of the Evening MBA combines classroom learning and distance learning on the School e-learning platform, continuously monitored by specifically appointed faculty.   HOW TO LEARN Courses allow participants to expand, each time, on a single discipline field, ensuring an effective advancement of the training path.   WHERE COURSES ARE HELD The Master’s course is held at the premises of Bologna Business School, Villa Guastavillani, in Bologna.


The distance learning activity includes a weekly in-depth study on the School e-learning platform, providing an individual opportunity for further exploration of the topic, supervised by the reference teacher. The platform features a Forum aimed at sharing reflections and further explorations among teachers and participants in real time.




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The enrollment fee for the Master’s course is:

16.200 euros (+VAT) for enrollments from companies and institutions 13.200 euros (+VAT) for individual enrollments


Scholarships* (limited availability) are provided for:

  • Participants that live outside Bologna and its province
  • Women
  • Participants that are recommended to us by the Alumni of the School

For further information:


* Reduced fees and scholarships are not cumulative.


The registration fee includes:

  • Access to the internal gym
  • Participation to the BBS Community events
  • Computer lab
  • Wi-Fi
  • Access to the AIDA database
  • Free parking



Thanks to the agreement between Bologna Business School and Intesa Sanpaolo, participants are eligible to apply for “PerTe Prestito Con Lode”,  a long-term and low-interest honor loan. Main characteristics:

  • Loan amount equal to the enrollment fee
  • Reduced interest rate
  • No collateral required
  • Repayable in 10 years
  • Without early closing fees


Applicants should have professional experience of at least 1 year and be in possession of a degree. 20% of the total number of participants are not required to have a degree.


The admission is subject to a selection test that will be held at the premises of the Bologna Business School by appointment (contact Francesca Zuffi at: mba The selection test consists in a motivation and aptitude interview with the Master’s course Management, which will focus on the applicant’s professional project, his/her motivation and the analysis of his/her resume.



Francesca Zuffi
Francesca ZuffiHead of Executive MBAs

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